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Welcome to "The Wig Place" where we provide caring and supportive advice to help you wear your hair with confidence.

In a private salon centrally located in Geelong, you have the opportunity to discuss your hair needs with an experienced hairdresser.

Megan Purdy


Hairdresser and Wig Specialist

Hi, I'm Megan,

I'm a wife, mum of 3, a lover of coffee and all things creative and beautiful. 

Early in my life I knew  that hairdressing and making people feel good about themselves was to be my career path.

With 35 years in the hairdressing industry the progression in my career now leads me to provide a compassionate and caring service to my clients. Finding the perfect wig to make you feel confident and fabulous.

After supporting a friend during her cancer treatment I understood how important a wig can be to make you feel "as normal as possible" during a difficult time.

Consultations By Appointment Only

You will be made to feel comfortable and welcome in our pretty little salon

Please  call Megan on 0400183163 to make an appointment.


What to expect when you visit "The Wig Place"

During a private consultation I offer a no obligation service to guide you in choosing a wig that is tailored especially for you. I explain  about the different types of wigs available and we then decide which wig will be best for you.  With over 30 wigs in the salon,  there are  many to choose from. Once we have chosen a style we then choose the best colour. 

If the wig you choose is not in stock it will need to be ordered.

At this stage you are asked to pay a $100 deposit. 

(Please allow approx 7 days for arrival). 

At the final fitting I will trim and style your wig and show you how to best maintain and care for it. You'll be amazed how easy it will be. 

 You’re not alone... I offer continued  service and support throughout your journey and the life of your wig.


Other services available

Professional styling


Many people find sitting in a salon amongst other clients very confronting when they are dealing with hair loss. So in the intimacy of the salon, I offer you the chance to have a private, comfortable setting to have your hair cut and styled.

Many styles to choose from

Lots to choose from.

It's is so important that the wig you choose fits well and looks great. We spend time making sure you know how to wear your new hair confidently and that you are educated in caring for your  wig.

Celebrate You!


When the time comes to have your wig fitted you may need to have your hair cut.  Why not bring your loved ones along to support you in your hair loss journey. 

Why synthetic wigs are best!

 Synthetic hair wigs are the best wigs to wear for everyday use -  they are more durable and will last longer and are more natural-looking than ever before. 

These wigs are much cheaper than human hair wigs.  They are recommended for women with hair loss due to  chemotherapy,  alopecia, thinning or damaged hair.  
They are lightweight and cooler and have adjustable  straps to make the cap larger or smaller. 

Synthetic wigs offer the ability of carefree styles, that when wet, will always bounce back to their original style once dry.

The caps range from skin tops,  lace fronts and monofilament scalps allowing versatility and ability to change the part. It all sounds confusing but once I've explained it, it will all make sense.

Synthetics must be treated properly with specialised products made to enhance the quality and longevity of the wig. Some synthetic wigs will allow you to use your styling tools up to 180c. 

Products and Accessories

We stock everything you'll need to maintain your wig.

We also sell a lovely range of turbans, hats and wig stands. Check back soon for more information and photo's.


The Wig Place

10a Ormond Road, East Geelong Victoria 3219, Australia

Please call Megan on 0400183163

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